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What kind of background would you want your inspector to have?….

According to an article titled “7 Questions to Ask When Choosing A Home Inspector” one of the important factors was the home inspectors background. It is preferred to hire an inspector with experience in the building industry. Most customers want to work with an inspector who knows what’s inside the walls of the home and understands the basics of building.

David Sparkes of Top Notch Home Inspection, LLC has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in every facet of the building industry. He is a Building Contractor from North Carolina, owning his own construction company for over 11 years. David was featured in the April 2005 issue of “Builder/Architect” magazine and in the October 2006 issue of “Spec Build” magazine, also winning several awards which included Best in Show, Best in Price Category (Gold Award), and Special Feature Award. While in business he strived for quality in everything he did.

Now, when performing his home inspections in Knoxville and throughout the surrounding counties, continues to carry out that same integrity and perceptiveness to clients and real estate representatives. His inspections are thorough, ranging anywhere from 3 hours for smaller homes up to 5 hours + for bigger or older homes.  He welcomes the client to be present during the home inspection and is happy to answer any questions they may have.

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